The Demeure Desolee is a concept building i have created, located on an alien desert with an unusual collection of local plants. Gaze over the dunes as you relax in sun basked seating with warm and ambient surroundings. This project is part of a series that i will be developing over the coming months. VR and AR Experiences coming soon.

Created as part of an NFT Collection for Meta Cribs, this model is based off the banks mansion, Bell Air. For this project i was tasked with creating a model as true to life as possible using map data alongside interior walkthrough videos. The full video can be watched on my Fiverr profile.

This is my favourite project, inspired by Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away, i aimed to bring life to the iconic animation allowing you to see what it would be like to walk through the streets and wonder the bath house.


Below is a price guide based on previous projects

Screenshot 2022-04-29 121832.png


Creating a 3D SketchUp model from your plans and pictures and create 6 (4K) rendered images.




Creating 6 (4K) rendered images of your SketchUp model and make a walkthrough video. (Larger model) tuned to your liking with updates and revisions.




Creating a professional walkthrough video of your SketchUp and make rendered images. Tuned to your liking with updates and revisions.