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1st Year Architecture - Reading Architecture

For this project i was tasked with surveying Sussex University, Brighton. In order to fully research the building fully i carried out material studies and created hand drawings of some of the building components. Alongside these drawings, i drew plans that noted structural elements, light entrances and programme of the space.

1st Year Architecture - Experiencing  Architecture

This was the second part of a project restoring the 1800's cast iron structure 'Madera Terrace'. The brief was to design a self sustaining structure that would fit within two arches of 'Madera Terrace'. This booklet documents the designing of the structure.

1st Year Architecture - Experiencing  Architecture

This is the first part of the 'Madera Terrace self sustaining building project. The booklet documents the Technology within the structure and how these features help make the design fully off grid.

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