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26th Jan -14th Dec 2022

Year 2 final project. This was a housing project located in central Brighton within the Laines. I was Tasked with designing a residential building with between 10 and 25 units. The site was a car park wedged between buildings in the dense laines which made designing the layout difficult. 

Screenshot 2023-02-04 231159.png

09th Dec 2021 - 20th Jan 2022

This project was focused on researching and exploring the Sussex University Campus. I was tasked with creating drawings and models that experiment with how the building was designed, looking at similar precedents of placed of worship and how they have taken advantage of natural properties. 


26th Jan -14th Dec 2022

For this Project i worked with James Whetlor and Quadrille Publishing to create the illustations to demonstrate the components and structure of all the barbeques featured in the book. I was tasked with creating detailed drawings from basic sketches of each BBQ.

Screenshot 2023-02-04 224348.png

26th Jan -14th Dec 2022

For this Project i was tasked with redesigning the Moulsecoomb Library. The project was focused on deconstructing the existing structure as reusing as much as possible. My key interest in site was accessibility, through research and development my final outcome reconfigured the space to bring people through the building rather than around My final outcome redesigned the library including a community workshop where materials can be recycled and used by the surrounding community for DIY projects. 

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25th Sep -16th Jan 2023/24

This Project Involved creating a new community centre for Tarner Park, Brighton. The project concept renovates the existing temporary structure and creates new facilities for the surrounding community.

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1st Feb -10th May 2024

Year 3 Final Project. The brief was to research and create a series of interventions for the Mursell Council Estate in London. The interventions much be commercial and community focused improving the quality of life for residents.

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