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Model Gallery

fragment model pics 2.png

1:50 Fragment model showing structural components

clay model pic 2.png
clay model png 1.png

1:200 Model of experimental form

f model 2.png

1:100 Fragment model showing structural components

model images.png

1:50 Façade study of  Falmer House

model studio pic.png

Series of 1:200 sketch models

model pic.jpg
model paintin pic no background.png

1:200 Site strategy model

1:200 Site strategy model

Model studio pic 1-200 (2).png

1:50 Enhancing Form

1-50 model iso.png
1-50 model.png

1:50 Experimental model

f model 1.png
device pic 2.png

Om-site research device

evening sun.png

1:100 Clay model

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