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I have worked as a freelance architectural visualiser since 2021 and have worked on over 80 projects. I have a passion for bringing architectural concepts to life through visualisation. I use Twinmotion to render the images and usually Sketchup for the modelling. 

University Work

Freelance Work

University Work

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Mursell Estate Intervention

Visualisation of market installation for Mursell Housing Estate.

Tarner Park Removation

Visualisation of proposed structure for Tarner Park

Brighton Lanes Flats

This project is focused on the design of a building in an obscure location in the Brighton lanes, the project focused on the use of public space and courtyard layouts.

Off-Grid Soup Shop

Designed for a project in first year architecture, creating am off grid temporary structure.

Freelance Work

Duplex House

Created for a freelance client to visualise a proposed set of apartments.

Modern Bathroom Design

Renders created for Stonegate Creative interior designer, Sarah Smale.

Modern Kitchen Design

Renders created for Stonegate Creative interior designer, Sarah Smale.

Spirited Away

Visualisation of Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away

Suburban Redesign 

Render created for a freelance client, helping to visualise a redesign of a suburban home.


Concept visualised for a client designing a place of worship and relaxation.

Fresh Prince

Visualisation of the house from fresh prince of bel air for a client creating an interactive NFT series.

Modern Apartment Design

Visualisation for a real estate developer of a new apartment building. Photos were used as advertisement of site fence.

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